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Carrie enjoys a weekend at the beach house in the Hamptons of an ideal couple, her friend Patience and her husband Peter, but in the morning he greets her in nothing but a revealingly short T-shirt. She tells Patience that she saw her husband naked, and she is promptly rushed back to Manhattan by a threatened Patience. The girls feel married people either consider singles competitors for their spouses or pity them. Stanford adds it's getting the same with gay couples; his friends Joe and Lou ask Carrie to become their egg-donor. At her law firm's softball game, Miranda is teamed up with Syd, a single lesbian, and they play good enough for both to be invited at senior partner Chip's house party: apparently even a presumed lesbian couple is more acceptable then singles- indeed the truth puts her out again. The dinner goes very well, but Miranda decides to tell Chip the truth that she's not a lesbian, just single. She then laments her attraction to men.

Carrie starts casually dating her friend's kind, businessman friend Sean, who is nice but a little vanilla. After a few dates to the movies, Carrie attends Sean's housewarming party and is horrified when almost all of the other guests are married couples. When Samantha and Charlotte arrive, Samantha realizes that she's slept with two of the husbands who are at the party (she was unaware they were married) and starts downing

tequila shots. Patience and Peter arrive and Carrie awkwardly attempts to avoid any discussion of what happened in the Hamptons, but a very drunk Samantha realizes who Peter is and starts laughing hysterically, which angers Patience. They quickly leave, with Charlotte insisting on taking Samantha home and sleeping on her couch. In the middle of the night, a still-drunk Samantha sneaks down in only her underwear and seduces her young Irish doorman, Tommy.

When Sean asks Carrie to spend the night after the party, she declines, and ends things with him. He reveals that he desperately wants to get married, so Carrie fixes him up with Charlotte. They go on a few successful dates, but after picking out clashing china patterns at a department store, Charlotte ends things with him too.

The final scene shows the four friends meeting for a movie, with Carrie admitting that even though being single can be tough, sometimes there's nothing better than a night out with your girlfriends.


  • The title is a reference to the failed Bay of Pigs operation in Cuba.
  • At the end of the episode, the girls are at the movies and a poster can be seen for the 1998 monster film "Godzilla", which stars Sarah Jessica Parker's husband, Matthew Broderick.





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