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Che Diaz is a character in the 2021 revival series And Just Like That....


Che, born Cheryl, is a non-binary, queer stand-up comedian who co-hosts a podcast with Carrie Bradshaw and Jackie Nee. They encourage Carrie to open up more and get out of her comfort zone after an on-air conversation about public masturbation leaves Carrie timid and uncomfortable. Che implies to Carrie that her job may depend on it.

Che supports Carrie in and out of the office. They attend Big's funeral to be there for Carrie. At the funeral, Che and Miranda get into a fight after Che gives Brady cannabis. Once Che and Miranda realize they have a common friend in Carrie, they make up.

In "When in Rome", Che invites Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte to their comedy special. After the special, Che does some cannabis and shotguns Miranda.

In "Tragically Hip", Che came to visit Carrie at the hospital after her hip surgery. Later in that same episode, Che is excited when Carrie mentions Samantha. After the podcast, Che came to visit Carrie and ends up hooking up with Miranda in Carrie's kitchen, waking up Carrie. Che left all without knowing that they woke Carrie.