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Sex and the City
Season 1, Episode 2
Little black dress.png
Air date December 9, 2021
Directed by Michael Patrick King
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Little Black Dress is the second episode in the 2021 revival series, And Just Like That....


Miranda rushes to Carrie's side after a late-night call for help. Meanwhile, Charlotte tries to keep her emotions in check.

Carrie, devastated by John's death, struggles to arrange a suitable funeral, finally choosing a non-traditional venue. Samantha sends flowers, but Carrie's text message thanking her goes unanswered. John's secretary, Gloria, attends the funeral and becomes overly emotional.

Miranda lashes out at Che after catching them and Brady smoking marijuana at the reception; Che later apologizes. Charlotte, distraught, blames herself for John's death after having insisted that Carrie attend Lily's recital. Carrie is unprepared when John's ashes are delivered to the apartment.

Miranda prevents Professor Wallace from being mugged in the subway, helping to mend Miranda's previous awkward interactions with her. Miranda also displays a possible drinking problem.


  • The title is a reference to the dress.