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Sex and the City
Season 1, Episode 4
Andjustlike that ep 4.jpg
Air date December 23, 2021
Directed by Michael Patrick King
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Some of My Best Friends is the fourth episode in the 2021 revival series, And Just Like That.... It aired on December 23, 2021.


Looking to move forward, Carrie meets with self-made real estate broker Seema Patel. Meanwhile, Charlotte plans a high-stakes dinner party for LTW as Miranda and Nya connect over the frank realities of motherhood.

After returning to her old apartment, Carrie decides to sell the Fifth Avenue residence. To attract more buyers, Carrie's realtor, Seema, clears everything out and stages the entire condo with beige tones, depressing Carrie.

Charlotte cultivates a friendship with Lisa Todd Wexley, a socially prominent African American woman whose son attends Lily's school; Charlotte then goes into overdrive to make her and Harry's social circle more culturally diverse.

Miranda and Nya bond during dinner together. Nya shares her struggle to become pregnant via IVF while Miranda reflects on the pros and cons of motherhood. Stanford has left Carrie a note saying he is in Japan with his sole client, Ashley, a popular TikTok singer, who is touring there.

Anthony arrives and tells Carrie that Stanford wants a divorce.

Carrie chastises Seema as being insensitive after Seema accidentally broke the glass in a framed photo of John and Carrie. Seema then says that Carrie had also unintentionally acted insensitively when she commented about Seema never having married. They apologize to each other.