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Sex and the City
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date December 30, 2021
Directed by Michael Patrick King
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Tragically Hip is the fifth episode in the 2021 revival series, And Just Like That.... It aired on December 30, 2021.


Carrie's friends rally to help her recover from hip surgery. Charlotte learns some surprising news about her daughter, and Che's words hit home for Miranda.

Charlotte coordinates Carrie's post-operative care following her hip surgery. During a Zoom meeting with her mom-friends, Charlotte learns that daughter Rose now calls herself "Rock." Miranda receives a book from Amazon about quitting drinking and thinks Charlotte anonymously sent it; she denies having an alcohol problem.

During a podcast, Carrie shares an intimate memory and mentions Samantha's name. She texts Sam afterward about it, who replies it is okay, but gives no other response. Harry and Charlotte are confused after meeting with Rose's school administrator and counselor about her undetermined sexual identity.

Che stops by Carrie's apartment when Miranda is there. While Carrie is napping, Che and Miranda drink tequila, leading to having sex in the kitchen. The noise awakens Carrie, who sees their reflections in the full-length mirror. With their attentions on each other, they miss Carrie announcing that she has to pee resulting in Carrie accidentally peeing on the bed. After Che leaves, Carrie angrily confronts Miranda about it and her drinking. Miranda reveals how unhappy her life and marriage are.

Later at home, Miranda receives an Amazon notification about the book and realizes that she ordered it and other items while blind drunk. She dumps out all her liquor. Three months later, Carrie has healed and is back to wearing high heels.


  • The title is a reference to the "hipster".
  • The title is a reference to the Canadian band, "The Tragically Hip".
  • Carrie mentions the events of "The Cheating Curve" during the podcast.





  • Ryan Cooper as Travis