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Trey MacDougal is a recurring character who appeared in seasons 3 and 4 of Sex and the City. He is the first husband of Charlotte York.


Trey is an attractive WASP and a charming gentleman with a distinguished pedigree, comparable to Charlotte's. A cardiologist by profession, Trey is considered an ideal catch, even by Charlotte's highly selective standards.

Charlotte decides to marry in the year she meets Trey. Despite their seemingly perfect match, she soon discovers their incompatibility in the bedroom. This issue becomes evident in Season 3, Episode 9, when Charlotte meets Trey's mother, Bunny MacDougal. During this meeting, Bunny exerts her influence over Trey by squeezing his wrist to suggest he orders a glass of red wine instead of whiskey. Charlotte observes this manipulative behavior and later uses it to her advantage by squeezing Trey's wrist and casually proposing marriage. Trey, unable to resist this familiar pressure, agrees to marry her.

However, their marriage faces significant challenges due to Trey's sexual difficulties and Bunny's constant interference. Bunny, the dominant matriarch of the wealthy MacDougal family, smothers Trey's manhood, making it difficult for him to assert himself. Charlotte's attempt to mimic Bunny's manipulative wrist-squeezing further exacerbates their intimacy issues, creating a wedge between them.

As they try to become parents, it becomes painfully clear that Charlotte is the only one genuinely interested in parenthood. This disparity in their desires ultimately leads to their divorce. Trey's indifference to their marital problems is highlighted when Charlotte makes out with a desirable gardener, and Trey remains unfazed, focusing on his tennis serve instead. Throughout their marriage, Charlotte struggles with Bunny's overpowering influence on Trey. Bunny's control extends to personal aspects of Trey's life, such as sitting by his bath and nursing him when he is ill. Despite these issues, Trey seems content to remain his mother's tenderly beloved boy for life.

Their divorce marks the end of a tumultuous relationship heavily influenced by Bunny's manipulative control and Trey's inability to prioritize his marriage over his mother's wishes. In And Just Like That..., Charlotte mentions that she tried to pursue a friendship with Trey after the divorce, but he was not interested in doing so.