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Sex and the City
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date December 16, 2021
Directed by Michael Patrick King
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When In Rome is the third episode in the 2021 revival series, And Just Like That.... It aired on December 16, 2021.


Carrie learns of a surprising development involving Big's ex. Charlotte worries about how to handle a daughter's revelation. Miranda ponders the state of her marriage.

In the weeks following John's death, Carrie is coping and rejoins the podcast. After learning that John left his ex-wife, Natasha, 1,000,000 dollars in his will, Carrie suspects they were having an affair. Natasha avoids seeing Carrie, but they eventually meet; Natasha says she and John never saw each other again after the divorce and he was always in love with Carrie. Natasha declines John's bequest, but Carrie believes he intended it as an apology for having married her.

Stanford confronts Charlotte about her never accepting him as one of the girls' inner circle. Anthony advises a concerned Charlotte after Rose says she does not feel like a girl. Charlotte tells Carrie about finding empty mini-liquor bottles in Miranda's backpack. Miranda admits to Charlotte that she and Steve have an amiable but sexless marriage.

Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda attend Che's comedy act. Che's bit about making personal changes inspires Miranda, who later returns to the club to seek out Che. Rather than going home to the Fifth Avenue residence, Carrie instead walks to her old apartment.


  • The title is a reference to “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”
  • It is said that Carrie is 55 years old.